General Information

How does VirtualSports work?

VirtualSports enables placing bets on different types of sports. Game rounds only take a few moments - a new game, a new tournament or another race starts approx. every five minutes!

It is possible to place different types of bets - for example, the classic 1X2 football bet (home win, draw or away win), or bet on how many goals will be scored. In addition to the classical win bet, horse race betting offers combinations of different horses (double or triple bets).

Our VirtualSports-Offer makes it possible to pursue all games or races via the video player - which not only provides detailed live statistics but also always gives an overview of the current status of your bets.

The results of the Events are simulated by an independent Random Number Generator, which cannot be manipulated and was certified in accordance with the Gambling Commission. The race simulation combines artificial intelligence with independent Random Number Generators. At the same time, the performance parameters are based on the form and strength of the protagonists.

This section provides extensive guidelines on all virtual sport types available for the user to gain a comprehensive overview. The following types of sports are currently available:
Further offerings are in the pipeline and will follow soon - additional guidance and instructions are also available soon to answer any inevitable queries.

For quick and easy guidance on our virtual betting offers, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team who will endeavour to help you.