How to select a Product

You can win high quality products from our Product Betting offer by placing a bet. No other betting provider can offer you this opportunity!

All products currently being offered are displayed on the Product Betting overview page.

Here you can select a product by clicking on "Win this product". The product is now being added to the bet slip.

You will receive more information on the product by clicking on the title of the product, the image or the button "Details".

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How to place a Product Bet

In order to place a Product Bet, you have to put some bets to your bet slip. A progress bar and the “Bet Status” displayed in percent indicate when you are able to place a bet. The Product Bet can be placed as soon as it reaches 100%.

Please note that a maximum of 25% of the price stated in the product details may be selected for the stake of a Product Bet.

Important: Placing Product Bets is limited to single bets (with just one bet) and combination bets. System bets are excluded from the Product Betting offer.

You will receive the winnings as would be the case with regular bets, without invoking a product order, if multiple bets are placed (several bets of different bet types of events or several results from a type of bet of an event within a combination bet).

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The calculation of a Product Bet

The following example describes how Product Bets are being calculated:

Let us assume you wish to bet £ 10.00 in order to win a product worth £ 100.00. In such as case, the total odd of your bet must be at least 10.00 to win the product.

You would only require an odd of 4.00 if you raise the stakes to the maximum of £ 25.00 (25% of £ 100.00). A total odd of 100.00 will be required if you reduce the bet to £ 1.00.

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What happens when you win a Product Bet?

The case of winning a Product Bet is also explained using the example below:

Let us assume you have won a product worth £ 500.00. You will initially receive the winnings of your bet paid out in GBP. The product will be ordered and the value of the product will be deducted from your player account simultaneously.

It is possible that the winnings from your bet are higher than the value of the product. If for example you win £ 525.30, the product value (£ 500.00) will then be deducted from this amount and the product will be sent to you. The excess winnings (£ 25.30) shall remain at your free disposal on the player account.

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Cancelled bets within a Product Bet

Sometimes it can happen that sporting events are cancelled (e.g. due to weather conditions). In such a case, the event is cancelled and the odds are reset to 1.00.

It is therefore possible that the winnings from the bet are no longer sufficient to order the desired product. In this case, the bet is treated like a “normal bet” for money - i.e. should the remaining bets all be correct, your winnings will then be paid to you in GBP as usual.

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Please note the following for the delivery of products

There can be no guarantee that a product is available at the time of settlement of the bet. This may for example occur if there is a long period of time between placement and settlement of the bet. Should such an event occur, the winnings are paid out to you without invoking a product order.

The products are delivered by Prämie Direkt GmbH on behalf of JAXX. Prämie Direkt will respond to business and technical questions related to the product. Product premiums can only be returned for guarantee or warranty reasons.

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