In the section "My Betslips" you will find your current and previously played tickets or slips. They are divided clearly according to the respective JAXX game orders.

Here you have the option of reviewing your current game orders, calling up the details for any ticket and replaying expired tickets with a few clicks of the mouse!

Incidentally, if you would like to play the same numbers and settings all the time we recommend you choose Standing Order or set up a Same Numbers ticket.

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How can I play a ticket again?

In the overview "Tickets" you will find all the current or completed game orders. You can easily play a ticket again – e.g. a ticket with which you have already won a prize.
By clicking on "Renew" the ticket will quickly appear in the shopping basket. The usual payment procedure applies.
If you would like to check in advance whether or not the old ticket contains the details you want to play, click on "Details". The overview contains all numbers and settings on that ticket. If you are satisfied with it, click on "Play Again" in the lower section.

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How do I process game orders?

The JAXX shopping basket contains a clear overview of all your game orders. You can further process the details of each individual playing process here. You have the following options:

  • Click on [i] : overview of the entire ticket information at a glance.
  • Click on the pen: go to processing mode and amend your bets and settings.
  • Click on the waste basket: irrevocably remove the game order from the shopping basket.
  • Click on disk: secure your ticket or your betslip as a Standing Order.
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    How do I set up a Same Numbers ticket?

    By clicking once on the small diskette icon below the overview "Same Numbers Ticket" you have the option in the shopping basket of securing a ticket that you would like to repeatedly play. Securing the Standing Order Ticket is only possible for some JAXX products.

    When you log-in next time at JAXX, you will automatically be offered this ticket with your personal winning numbers and settings. It will be located directly in the shopping basket in the upper left-hand section of the overview of your stored Same Numbers Tickets, and you can play it by simply clicking on the mouse.

    At the same time each Lotto GlücksSpirale order contains the button "As Standing Order" and provides an additional option of registering the ticket or slip as a standing order bet.

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    Where do I find out which game orders I have submitted?

    At JAXX we attach importance to transparency: we record on your behalf all game processes, account movements, prize bookings and other procedures. Of course, only you can call up such information. You can find it at: My Account > My Notices.

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