How do I place a bet?

After logging in to, select the 'Sports Betting' section.

On the left-hand side you can select the type of sport, league and matches from the list of bets

Once you have found and selected your betting options, an overview of the available sports to be bet on appears in the centre. You can place different types of bets depending on the range on offer.

Comprehensive statistics are on hand to guide you in selecting your bet.

Once you have decided on an outcome, click on the corresponding team or player. The bets now appear with the odds on the betting slip on the right.

The betting slip allows you to set how much you want to place and see your potential winnings (minus betting tax). Depending on the number of bets on your betting slip you can also select from individual, multi and system bets.

One click on 'Place Bet' places the bet and allows it to be viewed under 'My Bets'.

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What do the odds mean?

We would like to point out that changes to our range of sports bets also involved changing the way winnings are calculated. Potential winnings will now always be rounded up or down as clearly shown in these examples:


Rounding is to two decimal places - where the second decimal place is a five or above, we round your winnings up. Where the second decimal place is a four or lower, it is rounded down.

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Bet selection

The selection of bets is divided into two areas - the area for live bets (fixtures under way) and sports bets (future fixtures).

Live Betting

The selection of live bets shows you sports currently being played.

Another click on the respective sport shows you the games on which you can place a bet.

The following information is displayed for each live betting match:
  • The name of the team or player involved
  • Game progress (e.g. minutes or sets)
  • The score
  • The 1X2 odds for the time left
Clicking on those taking part in the match or selecting the box to their left adds them to the centre column of your live betting selection. This allows you to bring together all matches that you are interested in. A selected match is highlighted in orange. As only five matches are listed at once in the list of bets, clicking on 'More' allows you to load or browse additional ones.

Sports Betting

As with live bets, you can select from sports bets according to the sport, region or league.

The selection of bets is set out according to one simple principle: At the top you will find the sports. Clicking on them opens up the respective regions where the games or events are being held. Once you have decided on a region, the respective leagues or tournaments appear for which bets can be placed.

It goes without saying that several leagues can be displayed at the same time. A really convenient way of showing the different bets available.

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Betting Markets

Once you have selected a league or tournament via the list, all games on which you can bet appear in the centre.

Here you will find all the most important information you need: Sport, league, date and teams involved. You will also always be shown (depending on the sport) the 1X2 bets (traditional 3-way) or 2-way bets. The popular over-under bet is also often displayed.

Clicking on the statistics symbol opens a window containing comprehensive information about the respective event. The Plus symbol provides a single view of all bets for a meeting at once. The figure indicates how many bets are available for the respective game.

The individual view shows you all types of bet associated with the match. Different coloured betting versions can be combined together.

Two different types of bets (in this case: 'remaining time' and 'next goal' are offered in the live bet overview. A small box also shows the score and match progress.

Clicking on the plus symbol loads the individual view for a live fixture. A comprehensive match centre about the fixture is available whenever there is a small statistics icon next to the plus symbol.

You will find comprehensive information about the corresponding match in this individual view. Under it you will see all types of live bet offered for this match.

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The Bet Slip

In the bet slip you will find all relevant information about the bets you have selected.

Depending on the number of bets selected, you can select from individual, multi and system bets, view the odds and set the stake.
The minimum stake is 1.00 Euro.

Among other things displayed are the stake per bet, the betting tax, the total stake and the chances of winning.

A match selected as the bank must be bet on correctly. Bank bets are,as it were, the prerequisite for the multi bets contained in the remaining system bets.

Where Wolfsburg does not win against Hanover in the example selected, the bet is automatically lost, even if all other bets are correct.

Bank bets therefore stand out for their increased risk, and at the same time significantly higher winnings are possible than with usual system bets.

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Single Bets

The single bet is the easiest type of bet. You simply look for a bet outcome, place a specific amount and directly place the bet.

In the event of winning, the odds for your bet also represent the multiplier of your bet amount.

It is of course possible to collect several single bets on one betting slip and to place these together.

For example, supposing that you wish to add a second bet to the selected game, the total bet would then increase to 10 Euros (5 Euros per single bet).

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Combination Bets

A combination bet includes several bets, which are combined into one bet. The winnings and the overall odds are calculated by multiplying all individual odds. The higher the odds, the higher the potential winnings!

All results must be correctly selected in order to win a bet. It is of course possible to combine bets from different sport types and over different days.

A personal bet selection can be compiled for example, football with tennis and boxing. Only two bets are necessary to play a combination at JAXX.

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System Bets

A system bet includes several bets, which are combined on to one betting slip.

A 2/3 - system bet can be played in this example. This means that as soon as two of the three bets are correct, a proportion of the winnings are paid out. The full amount as specified in "odds of winning" is paid out if all the bets are placed correctly.

In this example, a system bet placed three bets at 5 Euros each.
  • Chelsea and Liverpool to win.
  • Liverpool and Manchester to win.
  • Manchester and Chelsea to win.
Consequently, you will receive the winnings from all three bets if three games are tipped correctly. If, for example, the Chelsea bet is not correct, the winnings from the bet on Manchester and Liverpool are then paid out.

System bets are available in many other variations and sizes. Up to eight bets can be included in a betting slip to then for example be placed as a 7/8-system bet.

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System Bets with Banks

Adding a bank to a system bet indicates that the game in question is included in each combination bet of the system bet. If for example, four different teams are selected and you are absolutely sure that one team will win, you can then add this bet as a bank.

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System Bets Plus

Clicking on System+ allows you to place several system bets at once. This example shows how this works.

There are four bets on the bet slip. You can now set an upper and lower limit for the system.

The lower limit sets the lower limit for the size of the systems. The upper limit sets the upper limit for the size of the systems. Where 1 and 4 are selected, for example, the following bets are created:

1 / 4: Corresponds to four individual bets

2 / 4: Corresponds to six multi bets (the four bets are formed in all possible combinations of pairs)

3 / 4: Corresponds to four multi bets (the four bets are formed in all possible combinations of 3-way multi bets)

4 / 4: Corresponds to a multi bet with all four bets

This makes System+ the ideal way to place sports bets. There is no easier way to place four bets at once!

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Live Betting

Placing live bets is only slightly different from betting on a game that has not yet started.

However, as live bets are somewhat faster paced, odds may change quickly or individual markets may even no longer be available.

The three images illustrate the process for a live bet:

(1) Live bets look exactly like normal sports bets on the betting slip.

(2) However, the odds may also change when bets are already on the betting slip. So that placing a live bet is not constantly interrupted by changing odds, we recommend ticking both boxes under 'Odds Options'. In this way, changes to odds are automatically accepted, even if bets are already being placed.

(3) As with sports with very short-lived markets (for example tennis where individual points are bet on) it is constantly the case that markets are closed as the result is imminent. Where you have not placed the bet in time, it is marked accordingly and needs to be removed before a new one is placed.

Placing a live bet always takes somewhat longer than with normal sports bets (around 6 or seven seconds, depending on the load on our system, and sometimes more or less).

Nevertheless, it may also be the case that placing a bet may take longer due to various factors (incidents in the game under way, high betting traffic, increased complexity of a live bet due to systems etc.).

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