Eurojackpot: How can I bet on Eurojackpot?

This is how I bet a regular ticket

Eurojackpot is a EU Lotto game based on the European lottery “Eurojackpot”, which is co-operated by the DLTB. DLTB Eurojackpot involves a random draw of five numbers selected from 1 to 50 and two supplementary ("Euro numbers") numbers, selected from 1 to 10. Draws are usually held every Friday. JAXX offers you the possibility to bet on Eurojackpot.

At JAXX Eurojackpot, the regular lottery ticket also has 6 blocks with 50 number boxes each and 10 Euro numbers. You can place as many individual lucky numbers with one lottery ticket as there are blocks on the ticket. Just select in each block 5 of the 50 numbers and 2 of the 10 Euro numbers.
  • Quick:The system generates randomly 5 regular numbers and 2 Euro numbers. You can generate Quick in each block or you can fill out one ticket with up to 6 Quicks. Just click on the button below "Quick". If you do not like the randomly picked numbers, just click "empty fields" and all Quicks are deleted. If you would only like to delete or edit one automatically filled block, click on the corresponding block.
  • Jackpot-Hunt: "Jackpot Hunt" is a multi-draw form for a specific time. You can store your lucky numbers at Eurojackpot and you participate in each drawing until someone hit the jackpot. Just check the option "Jackpot Hunt". The ticket is automatically terminated as soon as someone hit the jackpot.
  • Subscription:The subscription allows you to store your lucky numbers at Eurojackpot and to participate in each drawing for an unlimited time. Just check the option "Subscription". With this subscription, your ticket participates automatically in each drawing until you terminate your subscription.
  • Enter this ticket:After you have completed the desired ticket, you can place it in the shopping cart by clicking on the button "submit".