How much does it cost to play?

JAXX is offering you tenths of a lottery ticket at a price of 23.50 Euros each, including all service fees and VAT.

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Raise your chance of winning with a Lottery syndicate!

A tried and tested method for your lottery success. On offer for the JAXX Christmas Lottery: the Lottery syndicates.

With El Gordo Gold you buy one part of a total of 150 lotto numbers for 42,00 EUR. The numbers are split into two parts - one of 100 and one of 50 numbers. You share one portion with 175 players and the other portion with just 87 players, which increases your chances of winning.

With El Gordo Silver you buy one part of a total of 45 lotto numbers for 15,00 EUR. All these numbers are shared with 97 other players.

The Best part: With both syndicates, all end numbers are repeated several time - this guaranties a higher chance of winning!

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El Gordo - First Prize of the Christmas Lottery

One of these 85,000 numbers represents the first prize - El Gordo (The fat one), as the Spaniards call it lovingly. The first prize is 585 million euros, 3,000,000 euros for a full ticket, 300,000 accordingly for each tenth of a ticket with the lucky number.

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How high are the dividend distribution and the odds?

The odds at the Spanish Christmas Lottery are 1:85.000 and the distribution rate is 70%. In total there will be 1.787 numbers in 6 different categories. There are also further 11.547 prizes, shared into further 11 categories, derived from the winning number of the 6 previous categories. And this goes for each of the 195 shares - all in all: every 6th ticket contains a prize.

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Are the series or shares relevant for the prizes?

By winning the Lottery the serie or share of the ticket is irrelevant. The first prize is based on the 5 digit number, and the prize for one ticket is 300.000 Euros. If you have the 10 shares of the same number, the prize is then 3.0000.000. If you have the 195 series of the same number including the tenth of every number, then you crash the Gordo and your prize will be: 585 million Euros (1,950 x 300.000 = 585.000.000).

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How do I know if I have won?

Along the afternoon of the 22nd December the winning numbers and the prizes for each category will be announced by the official Lottery selling points. A soon as JAXX gets this information, this will be communicated via e-mail.

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