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You can win at least 15 million Euros every week with the EuroMillions Jackpot. And the jackpot goes up rapidly... More details about the EuroMillions Jackpot...


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If you want to increase your chance of winning one of these huge jackpots, the EuroMillions syndicate is the best insiders' tip!

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The History of EuroMillions

EuroMillions was launched in February 2004 and could also be known also known as the 'EU-Lottery'. Ten European countries offer EuroMillions and, with the exception of Liechtenstein and Switzerland, they all belong to the EU. More details about EuroMillions...


How do I redeem a voucher?

If you're new to JAXX you'll need to register on the site - the registration box is in the top right corner of the homepage. When you've completed your EuroMillions Ticket click on SUBMIT TICKET. Activate your voucher by clicking on it in your shopping cart.

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